Why is it with more of us renting than ever before, it still remains a shitty experience?

  • Sky high prices
  • Dodgy landlords
  • Stressful searches
  • Endless back and forth
  • Properties gone in an instant
  • Arranging viewings

It feels like no one’s got your back.
Let's try fix that.


Launching Spring 2020

Digs is a rental service that works for you, not landlords.

We're independent from landlords

Unlike other services such as Rightmove, Zoopla or Movebubble, we’re not paid by landlords. That means we can remain independent and work for your interests, not theirs.

See the things they'd rather you didn't

Digs arms you with more information. We show you things like how much should you be paying VS what they’re asking, as well as how they’ve treated tenants in the past.

One place, not all over the place

We deal with the agents on your behalf, so you have a single point of contact during your search. That means no random calls during the day, or endless emails with irrelevant properties.

With you every step of the way

When you find somewhere you like, we’ll help you put an offer together that ensures you’re getting a fair deal. And if you have any issues during your tenancy, we’ll help you put it right.

What does it look like?


Browse multiple neighbourhoods in a single view

Rent breakdown

Neighbourhood statistics let you know if there's room to negotiate

Commute times

Smart listings show your estimated commute time inline


No need to call: schedule viewings with a click

Digs has lots of other neat features, but we're gonna keep those under wraps for now. 🤫

Some answers to your questions

When are you launching?

Our plan is to launch spring 2020 in central London. Follow us on Twitter (@digscity) for updates.

Why London?

We have to pick somewhere to start, and we think the pain is felt most there. Our ambition is to have Digs available everywhere.

How many properties will you have?

We're listing properties from all major London letting agents, as well as a number of independents. To give you a rough idea of how properties that is, in our very small private beta we have over 10,000 listings, with dozens more being added every hour.

I'm an agent, how can I work with you?

We're looking to work with forward-thinking agents who want high quality leads of ready to move and vetted tenants. If that's you, email us at hello@digs.city.

How do you make money then?

We want to remain independent and impartial, so in order to do that we'll charge a nominal fee to use some of our services (such as arranging and scheduling all your viewings). In certain instances we may also receive a success fee from some of the agents we work with. We'll always be transparent about this, and never allow it to affect our recommendations.

If you're charging a fee, won't that exclude people in low-income groups who could benefit the most from Digs?

It's really important to us that we don't let that happen, so we'll be providing our services free of charge to those in low-income groups. We'll have more details on this closer to launch.